SySTOR Blu-ray BDXL M-Disc All-in-One Multi-Media Flash Memory Back-up USB/SD/CF/MS/MMC to 1-2 CD DVD Duplicator Price: $595.00 (as of 02/06/2019 15:47 PST- Details)

Transfer important data from erasable flash mermory media to standardized CD/DVD, Blu-ray or permernant M-Disc and also duplicates audio CD, video CD, DVD video, Blu-ray Disc and virtually any data disc in a matter of minutes
Disc Spanning function allows large memory cards which exceed the capacity of single CD/DVD/Blu-ray to be placed onto multiple CD/DVD/Blu-ray automatically.
Multi-Session function allows several flash memory cards to be placed onto one CD/DVD or Blu-ray.

Usually ships in 24 hours