J Channel Desk Cable Organizer by SimpleCord – 5 Raceway Channels – Cord Cover Management Kit for Desks, Offices, and…

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EXTRA STRENGTH TAPE: Do not worry about your raceways falling off your desk or wall after just a week. We have included an extra strength self-adhesive tape that is twice as wide and much stronger than similar products on the market today!
SIMPLE CONCEALMENT: Each package contains (5) 16-inch channels. If your project needs flexibility this is the perfect kit for you. Whether you will be running your cords horizontally or vertically the shorter channels help make installation easy.
NON-LOCKING CHANNEL: The open top design allows for easy installation and management of your cords. This is especially useful for power cables that you might move around quite a bit like a phone charger. The raceways can be cut if you need a different size.

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